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Creative Funding Tailored To Your Business

Get Fast Funding With Mammoth Funding

Mammoth Funding is a distinguished financial services provider specializing in empowering businesses with robust funding solutions. Our expertise lies in facilitating business lines of credit and credit card funding, ranging from $50,000 to $1 million, tailored to meet the diverse needs of growing businesses. Notably, we have a wide variety low and 0% interest rate products for the first 12-18 months, ensuring cost-effective financial support for our clients. Additionally, we are proficient in guiding businesses through the intricacies of securing SBA business loans, ensuring a streamlined and successful loan acquisition process. Our commitment to providing exceptional financial assistance makes Mammoth Funding a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and substantial funding options.

Our Services

At Mammoth Funding, we streamline the business funding process, ensuring simplicity and transparency. This approach allows you to concentrate on what truly matters: the growth and expansion of your business.

Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance is a financing option where businesses receive an upfront sum of cash in exchange for a portion of their future credit card sales.

Business Line Of Credit

A business line of credit from Mammoth Funding offers a flexible financing solution, allowing businesses to access funds up to a set limit and enjoy the benefit of interest options starting at 0% on the amount utilized, enhancing financial management and support for diverse business requirements.

SBA Loans

Mammoth Funding specializes in streamlining the process of acquiring SBA loans, ensuring a smoother and more efficient path to securing this valuable financing for businesses.

About Us

We’ve Helped our Clients Access Over 770 Million Dollars in Funding.

Decisions in as little as 24 hours after document submission.

We help you gain access to your capital within as little as 10 days and often times sooner!


At Mammoth Funding, our mission is to empower businesses to thrive by providing innovative and accessible financial solutions. We are committed to simplifying the funding process with transparent, efficient services, including low-interest business lines of credit, 0% interest intro credit cards and expert guidance in securing SBA loans. Our dedication lies in fueling business growth and success, ensuring our clients have the resources they need to realize their vision and make a significant impact in their industries.

Our Vision

Mammoth Funding envisions a future where every business, regardless of size or industry, has unhindered access to the financial resources they need to flourish. We aim to be at the forefront of financial innovation, offering cutting-edge, tailored funding solutions like low interest business lines of credit, 0% interest intro credit cards and expert SBA loan facilitation. Our goal is to become a catalyst for business growth and success, fostering a vibrant economic landscape where entrepreneurs and enterprises can achieve their fullest potential.

Our Process


In our initial strategy call, we’ll dive deep into your funding needs and goals, offering a personalized consultation to explore the best funding options available for your business. This conversation is a critical first step in tailoring a financial solution that aligns perfectly with your business’s unique trajectory and objectives.


Our funding sequence at Mammoth Funding is meticulously structured, involving a seamless collaboration with experienced underwriters who rigorously assess and tailor funding solutions to align perfectly with your business’s specific needs and financial health.

Our Systems

At Mammoth Funding, we have robust systems in place designed to ensure a seamless and efficient funding process, integrating advanced technology and expert insights to provide quick, reliable, and tailored financial solutions for every business we serve.

Access Your Funds

The final step in our process at Mammoth Funding is the most rewarding: accessing your funds. Once approved, we ensure a swift and straightforward disbursement, enabling you to immediately utilize the financial resources and elevate your business to new levels.

Our Features

Our team at Mammoth Funding, complemented by a highly efficient back-end office, brings together diverse expertise and dedication, ensuring every client receives unparalleled support and seamless service throughout their funding journey.


Easy Funding Process

Experience a hassle-free funding process with Mammoth Funding. Our streamlined approach ensures quick and efficient access to the capital you need to fuel your business’s growth. Get started today and see how easy funding can be!

Managed Team Work

At Mammoth Funding, our success is fueled by the strong relationships we have built with our funding partners. We work closely with a network of trusted financial institutions to provide innovative and accessible financial solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our team is dedicated to simplifying the funding process and ensuring transparency and efficiency every step of the way. With low-interest business lines of credit, 0% interest intro credit cards, and expert guidance in securing SBA loans, we have the resources and expertise to help businesses thrive. Partner with Mammoth Funding and experience the power of a strong funding relationship. Get funding for your business and reach new heights of success today.

Why Choose Mammoth Funding?

Seeking superior funding options for your business? Mammoth Funding is your ideal partner. We excel in leading the way in financial innovation, offering bespoke funding solutions like competitive interest business lines of credit, introductory 0% interest credit cards, and specialized assistance in securing SBA loans. Our aim is to be the driving force behind your business’s growth and success, contributing to a thriving economic environment where entrepreneurs and companies can realize their highest ambitions. Our streamlined funding process, coupled with our coordinated team effort, guarantees a smooth experience and unmatched support at every step of your funding journey. Opt for Mammoth Funding and discover the strength of a robust funding partnership. Elevate your business to new heights of success with our funding today.

Best Solutions for your Business

With over 5,100 satisfied clients and having successfully funded over $780 million, Mammoth Funding stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver substantial financial solutions that drive business success and satisfaction.

Happy Clients

Million Dollars Funded

Aged Tradelines Added

Million In Debt Deleted

More Services

At Mammoth Funding, we provide SEASONED TRADELINES to enhance your credit profile, our team specializes in ‘CREDIT AUDITS‘, a strategic approach designed to effectively manage and improve your financial standing and credit.


Adding aged tradelines to your credit portfolio is a strategic method we use at Mammoth Funding to quickly enhance your credit score. These tradelines, being accounts with a long history of positive credit use, positively impact your credit history when added to your report. They can significantly lower your overall credit utilization ratio – a key factor in credit scoring – by increasing the total available credit under your name. This process can effectively and quickly raise your credit score, making you a more attractive candidate for various forms of credit and loans, including business funding. This technique is part of our comprehensive approach to optimize your financial profile, paving the way for greater funding opportunities and better financial health.

Credit Audits

At Mammoth Funding, we offer a unique service known as a ‘Credit Audit’, which is a strategic approach focused on improving your financial health. This process involves a thorough analysis of your outstanding debts with creditors. Our goal is to find viable solutions that lead to complete elimination of certain debts. This method is not traditional credit repair; instead, it’s a proactive step towards managing and potentially resolving your financial obligations. By engaging in this process, we aim to help you clear financial hurdles, potentially enhancing your creditworthiness and creating a more favorable financial landscape for your future endeavors, including business funding and credit acquisition.


Happy Clients 

Join the ranks of our thrilled clients who are soaring to new heights with Mammoth Funding’s transformative financial solutions.

“I recently partnered with Mammoth Funding to secure a business line of credit and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the initial strategy call to the final fund disbursement, their team was highly professional, transparent, and supportive. Their expertise in navigating the complexities of SBA loans was invaluable, and their unique ‘debt deletion’ service significantly improved my financial standing. The seasoned tradelines they added to my account boosted my credit score faster than I thought possible. With their help, I secured $250,000 at 0% interest, which has been a game-changer for my business growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Mammoth Funding to any business owner looking for comprehensive and effective funding solutions.”

Alex Johnson – Johnson Enterprises


“Working with Mammoth Funding to obtain a $770,000 merchant cash advance was an incredible experience. Their efficiency and understanding of my business needs made the process seamless. This funding has propelled my business to new heights, and I’m grateful for their expert assistance.” – Sarah Lee, CEO of Lee’s Design Studio.

Sarah Lee – Lee’s Design Studio


“Mammoth Funding was a lifesaver for my business. Their team helped me secure $135,000 in funding without the need for extensive documentation. The process was swift, straightforward, and tailored to my needs. Thanks to Mammoth Funding, my business is now on a fast track to success!

Michael Torres – Torrez eComm Solutions

“I’m immensely grateful to Mammoth Funding for securing a $375,000 business line of credit for my company. Their professionalism and personalized approach made all the difference, providing us with the financial flexibility we needed to expand. This has been a pivotal moment for our growth, and we couldn’t have done it without Mammoth Funding’s expertise.”

Emma Richardson – Richardson Retail Group


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